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LHRx 4 Week Bodyweight Strength & Running Program + Video Analysis

LHRx 4 Week Bodyweight Strength & Running Program + Video Analysis

$ 75.00 $ 99.00

What's Included

4 Weeks:

1. Two months of unlimited app usage and coaching support 

2. Run Skill Drills

3. Bodyweight Strength Workouts

4.  Injury Prevention/Self Care

5. Video Analysis


This program is designed to teach you how to run properly, while strengthening the areas necessary to ensure pain-free running. The drills provided are essential in making you as efficient of a runner as you can be. 

We all love running, but how much time have we put into actually learning to run properly? There are very few movements that don't require technique coaching, but very few of us spend time learning the movement that involves the most amount of reps and the greatest amount of injury, which is running.

Valerie Hunt is a head coach of the Pose Method style of running, CrossFit Coach, and Strength & Conditioning coach with over 25 years of experience. She has built this program and will be available to answer your questions and monitor your progress. 

Each workout can be tracked through an app that can be linked with MyFitnessPal and other fitness apps.

Have Fun!